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HP 27/- High Pressure Filters
HS 27/- Stainless Filters
Spare Parts & Accessories
PTU 15/25 Series
D inserts (27/-)
LG 15/25 Series
A inserts (15, 27, 38)
D30 Desorber
B inserts (15/25, 27/-)
LG 15/25 L
F inserts (15/25, 27/-)
HDU 15/25 PV
HDU 27/* -T (on draintank)
PTU 15/25 PV
PTU 15/25 PM
Oil Management
A 15/25 Filter Insert
A 27/27 Filter Insert
A 38/40 Filter Insert
B 15/25 Filter Insert
B 27/27 Filter Insert
BLA 15/25 Filter Insert
BLA 27/27 Filter Insert
Leasing Filters
HDU 27/27 PV-PY - Wind Turbine Gear Oil Filter
D10 Desorber

Construction of Vestas Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine Oil Sample Before.
Plastic Injection Machine
Continuous degassing of a transformer at Mo i Rana, Norway
Application: Wind Turbine from Vestas
CJC Filter installed on a Wind Turbine
Tap Changer Oil After and Before Filtration
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