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CJC™ Fine Filters are 3 micron absolute offline oil filtration units. Efficient purification systems for oil used in lubrication, hydraulic power systems & fire proof emulsions. CJC™ Filter Separators are combined fine filtration and water separation offline units. They are designed for use in oil systems where water ingress is a constant or regular problem. The CJC™ Desorber is a patented product, designed to separate large volumes of water from large volumes of lubricating oil. The CJC™ Vacuum Oil Filter Unit is designed for maintenance of the oil in power transformers. A vacuum proces removes water, particles and fault gases from the oil, thus inhibiting the ageing processes. CJC™ Mobile Oil Filters are in essense a Fine Filter or a Filter Separator on wheel. The advantages of a CJC™ Mobile Oil Filter are especially experienced on smaller oil systems with multiple oil tanks. CJC™ Filter Elements exhibit very deep oil filtration characteristics and extensive dirt and water absorption capacities (up to 4 L of dirt per element). Filter Elements have an oil filtration degree of 3 µm absolute.
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